Billing Services

The Embryo Options Billing Program will streamline cryopreservation billing by setting patients up to autopay storage fees on their due date through a secure online portal. IVF centers using the Embryo Options billing program will collect cryopreservation fees faster, see improved collections rates, and reduce cost to collect.

The Embryo Options program allows:

  • new patients to enroll at home or at the center
  • existing patients to enroll when they pay their next storage fee

The Embryo Options program will automatically send patients:

  • advance notice before their card is charged
  • advance notice if a card on file is determined to be invalid
  • a notice the day their card is charged
  • late notices if payments are not made

The Embryo Options program will allow IVF centers to:

  • build customized payment plans
  • offer different payment plan frequency options (i.e. Quarterly, Annually, Semi-Annual, Every 2 or 3 years)
  • load their informed consents into their secure IVF center branded patient portal

Reporting & Flexibility
The Embryo Options program will allow finance to:

  • generate customized financial summary reports to reconcile cryopreservation revenue
  • generate detailed account receivable ageing reports from 30 days to > 270 days old
  • issue ad hoc discounts, refunds, or credits
  • record payments by check if needed