Embryo Options is the first business of its kind to help fertility patients understand their disposition options for cryopreserved embryos, eggs, and sperm. Patients seeking fertility treatment often cryopreserve unused embryos, eggs, or sperm post treatment for potential use in subsequent assisted reproductive treatment (ART) procedures. Over time some fertility patients may reach their family building goals, or reach an age in their life where having more children is no longer desired. When and if this time comes and these individuals still have cryopreserved embryos, many will struggle emotionally with what to do with them.

Unfortunately, fertility patients often lose contact with the fertility center where their embryos are cryopreserved, and as a result, don't have access to education and resources concerning disposition options. Embryo Options aims to remedy this problem by restoring and maintaining awareness of disposition options during the entire cryopreservation period. Patients will have access to a secure online portal to explore their disposition options and will be aware of valuable resources that may help them with their decision making process. When patients are ready to make a disposition decision for their embryos, eggs, or sperm, they’ll be provided step by step instructions on how to complete the disposition of their choice, according to their IVF center's policy and procedure. To further aid patients in completing a disposition option, patients shall also have access to their IVF center's disposition informed consents.

To protect patient privacy, Embryo Options complies with all applicable HIPAA regulations and maintains a secure online environment. For more information about Embryo Options, please email us at info@embryooptions.com.